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"Drifter" - Drifter (Canadian Goose)
My partner and I were biking along the Ohio River and saw this flailing gosling, all alone, being slammed up against the shore, no parents in sight. We decided to rescue him and raise him until release. After started growing his flight feathers, we took him to a professional rehabilitator. We now raise chickens, but will never forget our yellow fuzz ball named Drifter for the way in which we found him.
Posted By: dschmitz
"Ambrose and Lola" (India blue peafowl)
Ambrose and Lola were named after my great-grandparents. They were very regal birds and I thought the names really worked for them.
Posted By: Pussmont
"Mr. Peeponk" (rooster)
Mr. Peeponk was named after my older brother's imaginary friend in childhood. For some reason he thought either our dad or Mr. Peeponk owned every building in Lexington.
Posted By: Pussmont
"Commander" - Belvedere's Spirit Commander (American Saddlebred)
The moment he stuck his head out of the barn I was trying to contain my excitement. I saw my first Gold Champagne Saddlebred. (Rare Color) I held his lead rope in my nervous hands, amazed by his beauty. This was my first time handling a stallion. Most people thought I was crazy for wanting a stallion. The day he came home to my barn I was like a child waiting for Santa. Something about the way I handled him worked for both of us. He went anywhere I asked him to go, as long as I was leading him. I'd walk out of the house to see him watching me from his stall. He'd yell the Stallion call to me as I walked to the barn. It hurt us all when we lost him. I love him, I miss him. His life goes on because of my precious mares giving birth to his legacy. His son will be turning 2 in July of 07 and has his daddy's stallion persona. He is constantly talking at the barn just like Commander. I am grateful for the time with him. 1991-2004
Posted By: Mindy
"Bode" - Rivaldi SRF
Bode was born in April 2006 and he was not friendly. In fact, he had quite an attitude so he was given the 'barn name' of "Bad Boy Bode" after the skiing great, Bode Miller. Bode has matured nicely and rarely shows his bad boy side anymore.
Posted By: Sunrise Ridge Farm
"Mickey and Minnie" (Goldfish)
Mickey and Minnie were perfect couple, just like our fish.
Posted By: PetLover