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Emily is a very cute Welsh Corgi who got her nickname because it is a shortened version of her AKC name which is Emerald Isle. I have hand-drawn a few pet portraits of her because she is so adorable and makes a great model! You can see her portrait, and many other dogs, cats and horses too at
Posted By: Pet Portraits by Cherie
"Kaya Diva Dog" - not registered...shelter dog
Watching the Bardstown Humane Society show offering dogs for adoption, I saw Thor ( a husky mix puppy) and decided I would take my son in over the weekend and see if he was interested. WE arrived to visit Thor and found he had a sister...Thor sat in the back not very interested while the little sister with the one floppy ear jumped up and wanted lovin' NOW! We took her out of the caged arena she was in and she just kept trying to crawl up on any one of the 3 of us. It was destined that she chose us. We brought her home 3days later after she had had her shots, etc and could be sent home with a family. We all fell in love with Kaya (a version of Kera, his favorite hot actress at the time. We added Diva Dog to her name after she proved to be just that...prissy, regal, and we became HER subjects. She was soooo smart when she picked us.
Posted By: Kaya Diva Dog
"Maya" - Maya
We adopted Maya at 8 weeks old from a rescue the week before Christmas 2008. She was the sweetest of the litter and a big size for a puppy. My kids and I went back and forth with names before I even went to pick her up. My youngest son wanted Snowball, but since she was black that didn't stick. We settled on Molly, but when I saw her she reminded me so much of the two dogs we had lost, like she had a little of both in her, and I thought she was all mine so I decided to call her Maya. Everyone liked the name so it stuck.
Posted By: donnac
"" - Zoe Mae
Zoe Mae got her name from a voting contest in which over 100 of my family and friends chose from 10 names, all of which my husband and I had chosen and could live with! "Zoe" won and the "Mae" comes from my Aunt's name who has gone on to be with Jesus. She was like a second Mom to me and I believe would be happy to know I named my little furgirl after her. Zoe Mae is "The Resident Dog/Princess" at the Grandview Nursing Home in Campbellsville Ky and if you come there on a Friday, you can meet her! She is a furry angel and makes the residents, staff and vistors alike sooo happy when they see her.
Posted By: Doggy Mom!
Shadow left us in Nov after 14 great years, but there was never a sweeter, quieter dog. She was a true "fireside spaniel". She did, though, have some psychopathic moments when she would eat the faces off her stuffed animals.
Posted By: Pussmont
I found Brownie, another dog, and 17 cats at an abandoned mobile home in Powell county. I rescued all, and found homes for most, but Brownie came to live with me. He is absolutely true-blue, and loves me whole-heartedly (and vice versa).
Posted By: Pussmont
Armani is my first dog. I never knew how much you could love your pet, he is like the kid I never had. I work in retail management, that's how Armani got he's name.
Posted By: Marc
"Riley" - Riley
Riley has been part of the family for just a few months. When I adopted him from the humane society, we went to our regular vet for the first checkup. A few minor issues later, Riley was ready to go home. The vet remarked as we were leaving that this was one lucky dog...that he would "Live the Life of Riley." I thought that was appropriate. He is a wonderful and sweet at the same time.
Posted By: Riley
"Shang" - Emperor Shang Li
Shih Tzu means "Little Lion" in Chinese. The family thought it would only be fitting to give him a Chinese name. Of course, nobody calls him his full name. He answers to almost anything. We usually just call him "Shangie". He's our little man.
Posted By: markandsherryr
"Scruffy "
Scruffy has squirrel fur! She is a howling terrier, and loves her chia pet.
Posted By: Pussmont
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