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"Spencer" - Spencer
We got Spencer from a friend who fosters cats. He was about a year and half old. Since my husband had named Gracie (Allen) after the classics I decided to name him Spencer (Tracy). He's like a regular boy - always wanting to play and aggravate Gracie. He drives her nuts!! We think he was abused in some ways before we got him, after 5 years he still wants our permission to eat. We had him for a year before he would sat in my lap. Now he's my "lap cat".
Posted By: CatMom
"Gracie" - Gracie
My husband never wanted a cat in our house because he didn't want to deal with the cat hair. That was before we found this 5 week old kitten abandoned in an apartment parking lot. We've had her for 7 years now. Since he likes the classics he wanted to name her Gracie (Allen). She is independent and loving and will only eat beef flavored cat food.
Posted By: CatMom
"Sammy" - Sammy
This is my other cat I adopted with Dixon.You know the story from the other one.This one is really rotten.
Posted By: Dixon&Sammy
"Dixon" - Dixon
I adopted these two 3 month old kittens from the Humane society when My Husband and I seperated.He didn't like cats so I never could have now I have two.Dixon is the Orange and white one and Sammy is the Black and Grey stripped.They both are very rotten kittens.They are alot of Company to me since I now live alone.They both sleep with me every night.They have to be right under my feet at all times.I Love my cats.
Posted By: Dixon&Sammy
"Cody" - Cody
Cody was taken to our vet by his original owner to be put down because they could no longer care for him. I just happened to be there for a check-up for our dog and they asked if we wanted to adopt him because he was only 9 months old and going to be put down. Of course we took him and he is sweet as can be. He loves our dog, Maya, and especially loves his girlfried, our other cat, Reese. He is such a good cat and we are so glad we were able to give him a second chance at a good life.
Posted By: donnac
"Reese" - Reese
I have never had a cat, always a dog, but I decided to try a kitten so when I heard that a litter of kittens was found in a backyard and were being given away the kids and I decided to go see. We picked Reese out of the litter right away and my daughter picked the name Reese Cup because that was her favorite candy. Even though she was black and white and didn't look anything like a Reese Cup we all thought it was a cute name and decided on Reese. Although her "official" name is Reese we hardly ever call her that. Most of the time we call her Kitty. Either way, she is just a really sweet cat.
Posted By: donnac
Jolene came to live with us about 3yrs ago. At first she hated me, and would chase me out of the room, but we bonded. Her favorite thing was to sit in a chair by the door and slap whatever person or dog walked by.
Posted By: Pussmont
"Miss Frances"
Since I don't have human offspring, but am big on genealogy, I started giving my pets family names. Miss Frances is named after my paternal grandmother. STATUS: APPROVED
Posted By: Pussmont
My neighbor found Gidget under a bush. I've had her 8 yrs now and she still is scared of me. She just wants me to feed her and keep my hands to myself.
Posted By: Pussmont
I found her on a walk one night, she was about 4 weeks old. Peabody used to freak her out holding her in his mouth. Isn't her little pink toe cute??
Posted By: Pussmont
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