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We’ve all heard them before: Fido, Lassie, Buddy, Sport and countless others. Many undoubtedly are from the still developing imaginations of four-year olds who are too excited by the licking and giggling to give too much consideration as to how a name, just like it’s human counterpart, must stay with a dog for life. Unlike humans, however, we are much more likely to have fun with our pet’s names than, say our offspring. After all, who would ever name their child Hershey just because he might have brown hair? But, with our pets, it is open season on descriptive names.

Some people take the naming of their pet very seriously. Content they will never be with a simple Champ.  Contempt would be visible in their eyes if you called their beautiful, proud boxer Champ. No, his name is Ali. Now that’s a name ……. And that’s a story. That’s exactly what this website is devoted to saluting. We invite folks who believe their pets are a member of the family and worthy of a name that is meaningful to share their stories. Don’t forget to include a photo.

Featured Story

"Commander" - Belvedere's Spirit Commander (American Saddlebred)
The moment he stuck his head out of the barn I was trying to contain my excitement. I saw my first Gold Champagne Saddlebred. (Rare Color) I held his lead rope in my nervous hands, amazed by his beauty. This was my first time handling a stallion. Most people thought I was crazy for wanting a stallion. The day he came home to my barn I was like a child waiting for Santa. Something about the way I handled him worked for both of us. He went anywhere I asked him to go, as long as I was leading him. I'd walk out of the house to see him watching me from his stall. He'd yell the Stallion call to me as I walked to the barn. It hurt us all when we lost him. I love him, I miss him. His life goes on because of my precious mares giving birth to his legacy. His son will be turning 2 in July of 07 and has his daddy's stallion persona. He is constantly talking at the barn just like Commander. I am grateful for the time with him. 1991-2004
Posted By: Mindy