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We’ve all heard them before: Fido, Lassie, Buddy, Sport and countless others. Many undoubtedly are from the still developing imaginations of four-year olds who are too excited by the licking and giggling to give too much consideration as to how a name, just like it’s human counterpart, must stay with a dog for life. Unlike humans, however, we are much more likely to have fun with our pet’s names than, say our offspring. After all, who would ever name their child Hershey just because he might have brown hair? But, with our pets, it is open season on descriptive names.

Some people take the naming of their pet very seriously. Content they will never be with a simple Champ.  Contempt would be visible in their eyes if you called their beautiful, proud boxer Champ. No, his name is Ali. Now that’s a name ……. And that’s a story. That’s exactly what this website is devoted to saluting. We invite folks who believe their pets are a member of the family and worthy of a name that is meaningful to share their stories. Don’t forget to include a photo.

Featured Story

"Argus" - Not registered...mutt
I was looking for a new dog to bring into my home to keep my 8 year old lab company when I was at work. I had 2 different people telling me about this great, sweet, calm deaf dog that really needed a home. Trying not to get suckered into another high strung, high maintanence dog, I said I was taking my time and looking on my own, that the right dog would find me. Turns out 4 weeks later, I ended up adopting the very dog that they thought would be perfect for me in the beginning. It was meant to be. Argus was the all-seeing mythological Greek God who had 100 eyes. Since "Patches" didn't quite suit, and the only sense this dog has to depend on is his sight (He is deaf and can't smell very well) the name stuck! This picture is of Argus with his foster mother.
Posted By: special k